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Banking & Capital Markets

Accelerate new products and services, modernize platforms and back-office operations, and design and engineer personalized omnichannel digital experiences for banking and capital markets.

DXC Technology empowers customers worldwide to drive competitive advantage and navigate change. As experts in banking and capital markets technology and solutions, DXC is a trusted provider of change, modernization and run services for the competitive world of finance.

We are fluent in financial services, analytics and agile engineering, with decades of experience enabling clients to advance in challenging environments. Our ecosystem of innovative partners, products, technology and talent empowers our customers to lead the industry.

years' industry experience
250 million
customer deposit accounts managed
275 million
cards processed daily for 475 banks

Featured industry perspectives

In a series of new papers, we examine the most topical issues and challenges faced by the financial services industry today.

Developing a data strategy in banking and capital markets

Data is the lifeblood of financial services organizations. In order to properly harness it, manage it and monetize it, you first need a data strategy.

Five steps for a Zero Trust-based approach to security in financial services

Adopting a Zero Trust-based approach to security architecture is essential for financial services companies to maintain the resilience needed to avoid damaging cyberattacks.

Five steps for improving customer loyalty in the banking industry

Improving the customer experience is an essential part of fostering customer loyalty, yet many banks face technological and cultural challenges that hold them back.

Doing Cloud Right in the financial services industry

Banking and capital markets companies can greatly benefit from cloud. Follow these crucial steps to take full advantage of what cloud has to offer.

The ESG challenge in banking is real — and massive

Three critical foundations must be put in place to successfully transition to an environmentally and socially sustainable organization: an ESG data platform; green IT; and an integrated delivery plan.
Executive Data Series

The banking customer in a data-rich world

Mohammed ‘Khal’ Khalid, global advisory director at DXC Leading Edge, moderates a new series of discussions with DXC data professionals, experts and executives to bring us insights about the challenges and opportunities in the data information and knowledge space. In this third conversation, Khal speaks with Head of Banking & Capital Markets (EMEA) Andy Haigh to discuss how banks can use data and analytics to transform financial services and improve customer experience.

Five data trends that will define the future of banking

From creating digital experiences to securing identities, investing in ESG initiatives and ensuring talent needs are met, the success of banks depends on data. Learn how data-driven technologies can help traditional banks transform customer experience and automate repeated processes.

FCM Bank Malta taps DXC and Temenos Platform for Core Banking System Modernization

“A successful bank needs to be fast and flexible in addressing the needs of its clients. FCM Bank collaborated with DXC Technology to deliver and implement the Temenos banking platform, which the bank considers to be the best in the industry."

Marcel Homolka
FCM Bank Limited

Analytics & Engineering

UK Bank

UK's largest business and commercial bank implemented compliance with GDPR to improve transparency, accountability and security, and to limit the amount of data stored.

Applications | Cloud | Security


The leading enterprise data management software vendor increased on-demand application management and hosting for customers.


National Australia Bank

NAB partnered with DXC to establish the Neurodiversity at NAB program to embed diversity and inclusion into the culture and fabric of the bank through the employment of people on the autism spectrum.

Offerings and services

Banking BPS

Digitize, optimize and transform complex business processes across front, middle, and back offices for insurance, payments and lending, finance and accounting, and contact center experience.


Stay ahead of attackers and reduce risk. Our expert services and threat intelligence help you build in cybersecurity across your IT environment and operations.

Drive to sustainable banking

Banks' commitment to the environment has lagged its commitment to social responsibility and governance. Now they are moving to incorporate sustainability principles into corporate strategy funding decisions and product/service definition processes, to support and promote environmentally responsible projects and enterprises.

The future of retail banking: Frictionless, personalized, cohesive

The traditional retail banking sector must become more digital, harnessing reliable data and analytics to form new product lines, adopting automation for more efficient processes and establishing agility with risk/evaluation engines and core back-office platforms.

Protect your enterprise: DXC Security Threat Intelligence Report

Read DXC's monthly report on the latest threats, breaches, cybercrimes and nation-state activities.