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DXC Leading Edge

Challenging conventional assumptions with future-focused thinking to help leaders accelerate their ever-expanding digital mandate

To succeed, organizations must anticipate, plan for and navigate change. DXC Leading Edge helps customers do just that, addressing the key business and technology challenges their leaders face. Leveraging a team of experienced practitioners, we create progressive thought leadership backed by primary research, immersive events and practical interventions focused on business transformation needs.

DXC Leading Edge was formerly the Leading Edge Forum (LEF).

Driving better insights for ESG decision makers

Every leader in business must become an environmental, social and governance (ESG) decision maker. Being successful at delivering improved ESG outcomes for business and society requires moving beyond traditional ESG reporting, which fails to give the targeted, dynamic picture that business leaders need.

Talent, experience and next-gen work: How to be ready

DXC Leading Edge explores how to take new, end-to-end approaches to help attract, onboard, engage and retain talent.
Research Agenda

Accelerated Now: Engineering your technology-driven future

Create differentiated strategic advantages. Drive intelligent, sustainable operations. Manage favorable forward transitions. These issues must be top of mind for organizations as they engineer their technology-driven future. From championing digital lifecycle management in increasingly digitized industries, to modeling and tracing supply chains, to developing new approaches to managing talent and change, businesses must prepare to embrace the next wave of the Accelerated Now. 

What's new from DXC Leading Edge

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New podcast series: Platforms change the business landscape

Three new podcasts from Oxford Analytica, sponsored by DXC Leading Edge, explore the topic, Technology in an Uncertain World. Featuring DXC Leading Edge, Oxford Analytica, enterprise, vendor and analyst experts, the podcasts focus on how platform technologies present a new way of working, support new opportunities—including re-inventing supply chains—and require new workforce skills. Listen to the podcasts at Oxford Analytica, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, ListenNotes, rephonic, and podcasts-online.

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Global Advisory Director, DXC Leading Edge
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