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DXC Testing & Digital Assurance

Deliver faster, better and more cost-effective solutions with our end-to-end application testing services.

Reduce cost, risk and release cycle time

Assuring your brand stands out in the market requires innovative services, a meaningful customer experience and rapid speed to market. High-quality technology solutions enable seamless services across multiple channels. Poor-quality applications and services quickly tarnish brands and reputations. To achieve the best quality — quickly, at scale and at a reasonable cost — you need modern testing expertise.

Faster, simpler and cheaper

DXC Testing & Digital Assurance services help you successfully migrate, modernize and manage your applications. Together we build solutions that are faster, more scalable, simpler and more cost-effective than traditional approaches, improving application quality and overall customer experience. Our end-to-end testing and assurance services — including functional, system, integration, performance and security testing — give you an independent, 360-degree, vendor-agnostic view of application quality. We use the latest in automation, Agile and continuous testing approaches.

Enhance your brand and save money

Maximize value with our consumption-based Testing as a Service.  Lower overall testing costs by standardizing testing tools and processes, increasing overall testing effectiveness and consuming services as needed, without the expense of additional resources and tools. Test your entire applications portfolio quickly and accurately, saving time and money as you protect and enhance your overall brand and improve loyalty.

DXC helps organizations of all sizes quickly design and deliver innovative applications and services.

50% reduction in testing time and resources through automation

40% cost savings and up to 40% reductions in automation setup cost

Threefold increase in the number of releases per month by adopting DXC’s Agile/DevOps practices


Test Advisory

Increase efficiency with a thorough assessment of your in-house testing organization, using innovative frameworks and specific tools. Our test advisory services provide a clear set of action plans to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Enterprise application testing

Rely on functional and nonfunctional testing services across the life cycle of Oracle, SAP S/4HANA, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ERP solutions, supply chain management and cloud-based applications such as Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Testing as a service

Lower overall testing costs with lifecycle testing as a service. Your organization will increase overall testing effectiveness by standardizing testing tools and processes, while consuming only the services you need.

Application security

Accelerate delivery of high-quality and secure business applications that lower the risk of a successful security breach. Our applications security testing tools and solutions address security throughout the application life cycle — design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

“It’s the modernization and getting to that level of automation that gives us maximum reliability, maximum speed, maximum compliance and, of course, maximum security to protect our critical infrastructure.”  

Damian Bunyan

Government of Flanders

Public Sector

Government of Flanders

As the full impact of the COVID-19 health crisis became evident, the Government of Flanders went into action with initiatives to help curb the spread of the virus and support the local economy.



DXC helped energy firm Uniper modernize with a wide array of services including cloud and security services, workplace services, application management and robotic process automation.
PKO Bank Polski


PKO Bank Polski

The Polish Bank is rolling out updates to the mobile app that allow single-click purchasing and contactless payments.

Go with modern testing techniques for a modern customer experience

The role of testing and quality assurance (QA) is more strategic in an age of more customer interactions and increased expectations, and faster cycle times. Modern testing helps enterprises measure UX, looking across a variety of factors that may lead to poor customer interactions, so that businesses can correct course as needed.

IT modernization: Operate and secure hybrid at scale

Learn how automation is eliminating manual processes for development and testing, application management, and security.

Put apps to the test

Understanding the overall cost of applications testing within a project can be tricky and involves tracking a variety of metrics.

It’s time to transition to intelligent test automation

By not automating the testing process, organizations will continue to have big challenges in the marketplace. The investments that businesses make in intelligent test automation powered by AI will return many dividends, including achieving faster and cheaper development.
Micro Focus

Get integrated application solutions across the digital enterprise with DXC and Micro Focus.